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Roses A-L

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Rosa ‘Madame Alfred Carrière’ (N) AGM

Rosa ‘Madame Isaac Pereire’ (ClBb) AGM

Rosa ‘Maiden's Blush’ (A)

Rosa ‘Maigold’ (ClPiH) AGM

Rosa Margaret Merril (F/HT) AGM

Rosa Mary Rose (S)

Rosa ‘Mermaid’ (Cl) AGM

Rosa Mistress Quickly (S)

Rosa Molineux (S)

Rosa ‘Moonlight’ (HM)

Rosa moyesii (S)  


Rosa ‘Nevada’ (S) AGM

Rosa ‘Nozomi’ (ClMin/GC) AGM  


Rosa Orange Sensation (F)  


Rosa Pascali (HT)

Rosa ‘Paul's Himalayan Musk’ (Ra) AGM

Rosa Peace (HT) AGM

Rosa ‘Penelope’ (HM) AGM

Rosa Piccadilly (HT)

Rosa Pink Flower Carpet

Rosa ‘Pink Perpétué’ (Cl)

Rosa Pretty Jessica (S)

Rosa ‘Prima Ballerina’ (HT)

Rosa Princess Alexandra (S)

Rosa Princess of Wales (F)  


Rosa Queen Mother (Patio) AGM  


Rosa Remember Me (HT) AGM

Rosa Remembrance (F)

Rosa Rose 2000 (F)

Rosa Royal William (HT) AGM

Rosa rubiginosa AGM

Rosa ‘Ruby Wedding’ (HT)

Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’ (Ru) AGM

Rosa rugosa (Ru)

Rosa rugosa ‘Rubra’ (Ru) AGM  


Rosa ‘Sander's White Rambler’ (Ra) AGM

Rosa Savoy Hotel (HT) AGM

Rosa ‘Schoolgirl’ (Cl)

Rosa Silver Jubilee (HT) AGM

Rosa ‘Silver Wedding’ (HT)

Rosa 'Solo Mio'

Rosa ‘Stanwell Perpetual’ (PiH)

Rosa Strawberry Fayre

Rosa Super Star (HT)

Rosa Surrey (GC) AGM

Rosa Sweet Dream (Patio) AGM

Rosa Sweet Magic (Min/Patio) AGM

Rosa Sweet Memories (Patio)  


Rosa Tequila Sunrise (HT) AGM

Rosa ‘The Queen Elizabeth’ (F) AGM

Rosa Tip Top (F/Patio)

Rosa Top Marks (Min/Patio)

Rosa Troika (HT) AGM

Rosa Trumpeter (F) AGM  


Rosa Wendy Cussons’ (HT)

Rosa Whisky Mac (HT)

Rosa White Flower Carpet


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