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Fruit A-L

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Medlar Fruit germanica (F))

Nectarine ‘Pineapple’ (F)

Peach ‘Duke of York’ (F) AGM

Peach ‘Peregrine’ (F) AGM

Pear 'Beth'

Pear 'Beurre Hardy'

Pear 'Comice'

Pear 'Concorde'

Pear 'Conference'

Pear 'Louis Bonne of Jersey'

Pear 'Onward'

Pear 'Packhams Triumph'

Pear 'Williams'

Pear 'Winter Nelis'

Plum ‘Belle de Louvain’ (C)

Plum ‘Cambridge Gage’ (D) AGM

Plum ‘Czar’ (C) AGM

Plum ‘Dunster Plum’ (F)

Plum ‘Early Transparent Gage’ (C/D)

Plum ‘Edwards’ (C/D) AGM

Plum ‘Imperial Gage’ (C/D) AGM

Plum ‘Laxton's Cropper’ (C)

Plum ‘Merryweather Damson’ (C)

Plum ‘Oullins Gage’ (C/D) AGM

Plum ‘Prune Damson’ (C) AGM

Plum ‘Purple Pershore’ (C)

Plum ‘Reine-Claude de Bavais’ (D)

Plum ‘Victoria’ (C/D) AGM


Quince ‘Meech's Prolific’ (F)

Quince ‘Vranja’ (F) AGM


Raspberry ‘Autumn Bliss’ (F) AGM

Raspberry ‘Glen Clova’ (F)

Raspberry ‘Malling Admiral’ (F) AGM

Raspberry ‘Malling Jewel’ (F) AGM



Redcurrant ‘Laxton's Number One’ (R)


Strawberry ‘Elsanta’ (F) AGM

Strawberry ‘Hapil’ (F) AGM


Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa AGM)


Tayberry (F) AGM


Walnut (Juglans regia (F) AGM)


Whitecurrant ‘Versailles Blanche’ (W)


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